Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts | Billie Reid (Busking)

“… and dare I say it, a nod or two to both Dylan, and the acerbic Irish Knight Geldof” Glenn A. Baker

Billie Reid is one intriguing cat. I’m hearing a rich hybrid telling me that he’s been absorbing and assimilating for a long time, that he understands the power of words, of poetry even. He’s plainly a rocker at heart but just as plainly there’s a lot going on in his heart and head – from skittering banjo to grinding blues to playful pop. There could even be some whirlygig jugband going on and, dare I say it, a nod or two to “His Bobness” – both Zimmerman (Dylan), and the acerbic Irish Knight Geldof.

One gets the feeling that Billie’s not overly concerned with expectations or categories, that he’s having a whale of a time and if you want to come along for the ride that’s fine by him. How did The Hombres put it all those years ago? …. “Nobody knows what it’s all about. It’s too much man, let it all hang out.”

Glenn A. Baker (Music Historian)