Songstress Lily
Enchantress Lily
It all starts with jazz. Lily took to piano as a child growing up, and it was jazz rather than classical music which motivated her to push her skills. That wasn’t easy given how much she moved around as a kid, mum more or less Italian and dad’s clan scattered across Hong Kong and the Philippines. Most teens rebel with parents around staying-out times and unsuitable partners. For Lily it was the hours she devoted daily to emulating the sounds of George Duke, Nina Simone, and Prince.

That same wilful commitment to following her own path characterises many of Lily’s musical and life choices. Now, soon to turn 30 and based in Australia, Lily is as talented vocally as she is with keyboards. She arranges vocals for others as well as in her own work. Her inventive approach to splitting parts in ways that feel right provides subtle surprises for the attentive.

You can hear every step of her path in Lily’s singing. Right lovers and right now ones, wrong decisions and being wronged, moves forward and time out, hurt and heart. Lily knows more of the classic songbook than she’d like to admit outside the company of fellow geeks, from Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald through to Debbie Harry (Jazz Passengers as well as Blondie). And that background allied with innate taste means she inhabits songs she chooses with unshowy conviction. And there are ones she turns down if she scents misogyny or other ugliness in a lyric, whatever a promoter might say.

There’s a diva in Lily too. One you don’t see often, but when she tells a producer no way will she top the last take there’s an edge there that’d make Phil Spector pause. And Lily’s got the chops and understanding of music history for those moments to be definitive, knowing that for the vocals at least of the work she’s doing, the buck stops with her. And for Lily herself the songs she’s developing now – most of all the ones she’s writing – are just the start.

  1. Ariel Lily 3:40
  2. My Heart Lily 3:36
  3. Dreaming About You Lily 5:54
  4. My Love Lily 5:20
  5. Tomorrow Lily 3:38
  6. Dreamer Lily 4:24
  7. Love Song 612 Lily 3:34


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