‘Slaves, Replacement Technology and the Neutron Bomb’ | Billie Reid

“… if I rewrote ‘slaves’ i’d reference cloning technology advances as opposed to androids”

* you’ve given them clone-tech, and the neutron bomb, and dna-shears and even mapped the human genome for them enough that for half a decade+ now they’ve known which gene group to “trim” to remove “rebellious behaviour during adolescence” ….

… if I rewrote ‘slaves’ i’d reference cloning technology advances as opposed to androids … njoi!

in late ’80’z, computerz were “obvious” potential method for replacement of slavez, theze dayz, especially now that the ‘human genome (mapping) project’ … they had “successfully identified the gene group on the human dna that initializes rebellious behaviour in adolescence”, one would surmize much easier now to simply gene-shear relevant section out at first fertilization of egg stage pre 1st cell division occurring, then clone from resultant “rebellion gene free” Embryo, i.e, slavez that self replicate cheaply, and that not only won’t require trade unions, won’t even require wagez, or indeed anythang more than cot “down pit” for between shift rest before pressing their four button console when it’s their turn again ….

…. ain’t science grand, njoi your future, oh, wait, that’s right, you don’t have one, oh well, at least the clones won’t do nasty grafiti, and will be “good like little angels ought to be”. Billie Reid.

* I wrote ‘slaves’ back when it seemed computer technology would leave cloning technology in the dust, it might be right, it might be healthy paranoia, either way i’d personally prefer to err on the side of, oh, NOT being nuked out of existence by a tribe of hydrocarbon-sniffing, xenophobic, troglodytes ….

( … these days i’d replace the term “android” with “rebellion-proof clones” … )

…. of course now that the ‘human genome (mapping) project’ has identified and removed experimentally the gene group “that causes the onset of rebellious behaviour in adolescence”, the androids i mention are no more than an ultrasound away, or at most, a clone test away, and they’v been cloning monkeys for 30 years, and hey, humans ARE monkeys …. slainté!billie

Human Genome (Mapping) Project (Wikipedia): The Human Genome Project (HGP) is an international scientific research project with the goal of determining the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up human DNA, and of identifying and mapping all of the genes of the human genome from both a physical and functional standpoint. It remains the world’s largest collaborative biological project. The project was proposed and funded by the US government; planning started in 1984, got underway in 1990, and was declared complete in 2003.

* Yo darren, re ben elton, prefer to think great minds think alike, but seeing as his every book since has just been re-write of ‘stark’ … yeah, cupl that used to stay at farmhouse i rented stayed with ben and sophie after …. the summer he wrote ‘stark’, i’d already written ‘slaves’, could just be coincidence, but that crew used to milk m’brains then scoff so widnae be surprised … newayz,njoi,billie

* The first BIG release, information from the ‘Human Genome (Mapping) Project’, was not some CURE FOR DISEASE, or anything that you would expect to be happy about, but was them being really happy that they DISCOVERED a way to IDENTIFY and REMOVE with “gene-shears”, or potentially remove with “gene-sheers”, the group of genes on the human chromosome responsible for the onset of REBELLIOUS BEHAVIOUR IN ADOLESCENCE, right! …. hmmm, see …. ANDROIDS!! That’s what I mean? If you can clone a sheep YOU CAN CLONE A HUMAN! If you can clone a mouse YOU CAN CLONE A HUMAN! …. you know, because the genetic difference …. the technique is the same. There’s no difference. It’s just basically injecting the cellular information, the chromosomes from the host you are trying to clone, into a fresh egg THAT’S HAD THE NUCLEUS DESTROYED, right, THAT’S IT! That’s basically it! …. then you grow it in a womb, or test tube or whatever. IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT! Basically, IF YOU CAN CLONE A MONKEY YOU CAN SURE THA **** CLONE A HUMAN, BECAUSE A HUMAN IS A MONKEY!! …. and they’ve been cloning monkeys since not long after they first cloned sheep. So if they can now clone, you know, if they can get the genetic information before they put it in the egg, and they “can remove those genes responsible for the onset of rebellious behaviour in adolescence” right, they can have nice compliant “DON’T EVEN NEED WAGES” SLAVES, right …. EN MASS!! And THAT’S when they’ll go into their bunkers …. and NEUTRON BOMB THE REST OF THE PLANET!! They don’t need anybody else after that. IT’S ALL THEIRS! …. That’s it! RIGHT …. WINNING THE HUMAN RACE!!

Chimpanzees ‘Natural Born Killers’, Scientists Say (ABC): Chimpanzees are naturally violent towards each other in the face of increased competition for food or habitat, a new study has found. The research, published in the journal Nature, contradicts previous speculation by zoologists that human interference may have caused lethal violence in chimpanzee communities. They found coordinated violence is an evolutionary strategy because chimps kill to wipe out rivals and gain territory, mates, water or food. In Darwinian terms, chimps seek an advantage to help them survive and hand on their genes to future generations. The groups of chimps would often band together to carry out murderous raids on another community, typically killing rival males and infants who were not genetically related. They sometimes snatched babies from nursing mothers to slaughter them but spared the females. (18th Sept 2014).

Apart from the fact that human’s ARE chimps, i.e, pygmy chimps and humans share about 98% of their dna, that’s more “siblings” than it is “cousins” …. they don’t actually “disprove” the earlier theories of human’s causing aggro in chimps, i.e, not only do humans murder chimps, cage them, etc, they also “behave badly” within the chimps’ world area, AND, they murder everything else around the chimps, including their habitat and food supply, i.e, they TERRORIZE the chimps, whom then react the same way as any OTHER human, and exhibit psychotic, erratic, increasingly violent behaviour, i.e, it’s merely propaganda to make humans believe that their OWN abhorrent behaviour patterns are “natural”, and not actually deliberately stress-induced control mechanisms instigated by the “elite”, to keep themselves in biscuits and manipulatable thug cannon-fodder ….

Human Ancestors Were Nearly All Vegetarians (Scientific American): Palaeolithic diets have become all the rage, but are they getting our ancestral diet all wrong? Right now, one half of all Americans are on a diet. The other half just gave up on their diets and are on a binge. Collectively, we are overweight, sick and struggling. Our modern choices about what and how much to eat have gone terribly wrong. (23rd July 2012).

as i’v mentioned countless times, chimps (such as humans) are geared to eat VEGETATION, not corpse (apart from the occasional un-noticed ant on a berry etc, although chimps that live in areas populated by humans sometimes copy them by eating tiny amounts of corpse, or chocolate biscuits or other poisons, not terribly “happily” though) …. vegetarian teeth (surprise surprise) and a long vegetarian intestine prove that more than anything …. and the imbeciles who say “oh, but we have a short intestine as well” don’t have a ***** clue, what, they “think” that rotting corpse somehow magically ONLY uses the short intestine? or that the fact that human endocrine and enzyme production doesn’t digest corpse efficiently and actually produces carcinogens from oxidation/carbonization (burning) of corpse by acids is somehow “irrelevant”? … simple ********!! njoi!slainté. Billie Reid.

So Billie, re your Humans Are Chimps point, couldn’t it be said the other way …. Chimps Are Humans? (d.j.halifax).

Well yeah, that was my point … i.e, they TERRORIZE the chimps, whom then react the same way as any OTHER human, and exhibit psychotic, erratic, increasingly violent behaviour … ciao!billie

Ben Elton (Stark) | “… that crew used to milk m’brains then scoff, i’d prefer to think great minds think alike” | Billie Reid

Back in 1999 when Darren John Halifax was recording Billie Reid’s album ‘Ode To The Dudes’, Billie relayed the story of how he wrote his song ‘Slaves, Replacement Technology and the Neutron Bomb’, in 1988. The following summer, Ben Elton’s book ‘Stark’ was published, using a similar theme. “At the time I didn’t delve that deeply. However I did broach the issue with him in late 2010, asking if he thought Ben had “borrowed” his idea”, said Halifax. “Billie pointed out that a couple he had stayed with at a farmhouse south of Fremantle (Western Australia) “… that crew used to milk m’brains then scoff so widnae be surprised …“, went on to rent from and stay with Ben and his wife Sophie, and that Ben’s ‘Stark’ appeared soon after. Billie suggested that “it could just be a coincidence, and that it was more a case that great minds think alike”. I wouldn’t be so sure. My thoughts are that this idea quite possibly started with Billie. Those of us that know Billie would conclude that he wouldn’t mention it unless he genuinely thought it. Had the connection not existed between Billie and Ben then the alarm bells would not have rung. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the seed for ‘Stark’ came from Billie. With all respect to Ben, and bearing in mind that Stark is a 500-page novel and that Billie’s work is a brief lyric, the concept is remarkably close. The timing, the connection and the similar theme suggests he could well have been inspired by Billie”.

“Tombstones and a cheating heart … a dark reading on a timeless theme” | Demon Street | Billie Reid

Modern technology gives us a chance to explore Billie Reid’s “alt” version of ‘Demon Street’. Sneering ‘Clash’ inspired chords, college-art backing, and snarling lyrics that bite. Tombstones and a cheating heart … “I ain’t got no time for lies” … this isn’t trendy art but a dark reading on a timeless theme. There’s darkness and a sense of desperation that pulls you in. ‘Demon Street’, don’t go there, but if you do, I wish you luck because this song has no room for sensitive types. It’s a bitter tirade lamenting loss, yet there’s no sense of introspection or poignant reflection from the safety of distance. Self pity isn’t in Billie’s emotional vocabulary. ‘Demon Street’ is hard edged, razor-sharp, and word perfect. Perhaps only those who have been hurt will connect.

Demon Street | “… a bitter brew of betrayal, torment and regret, whipped up into a fiery song of defiance”

‘Demon Street’ captures Australian axeman Phil Bradley at his fiery best, locked in a brutal Strummer-esque guitar-attack with the track’s stomping percussion, whilst Reid relays a tale of love and loss with the bile and poetic fervour of a punk troubadour. He presents the listener with the fiery sound of defiance .… “I’m not about to waste my life on someone else’s whim”  …. mixing up a bitter brew of betrayal, torment and regret, whipped up into song form. Anger, he reminds us, is an energy after all. When your world falls down, it’s better to feel something rather than nothing at all.

‘Demon Street’ is sure to provide an ideal swig of Dutch courage for anyone undergoing a painful, messy breakup. Why mope around when you could, like Billie Reid, count your losses and continue to kick ass! Liam Allen.

“Poet, songwriter, Billie Reid eschews the road of rock’n’roll excess and fake outrage”

Some people sell out, they get worn down or just become plain desperate for a payoff or hunger fame, but for others their music and words are non-negotiable. They never do the record company thing and can’t sway from their chosen path, always true to their roots it’s in the DNA of their lyrics and tunes. That’s Billie Reid. Perhaps he knew he would never fit in. Honest and unpretentious with an almost indifferent disregard to what was fashionable and in the charts. He couldn’t and wouldn’t play the music biz game.

But Billie isn’t desperate for fame, he won’t play that game. Reclusive and flying under the radar he eschews the road of rock’n’roll excess and fake outrage, and in his own way his game plan has made him the underdog. It’s a dangerous fickle game that can lead to nowhere, but with this territory comes credibility and I guess this is priceless, and Billie has it by the bucket load.

His songs are here. Give them time and they will slowly seep into your life. All that matters is the moment and the emotion. Simple words, honest musicianship.

“… put more simply, Billie Reid is a poet and he **** **** knows it!”

“… this street walkin’ cheetah, with a heart full of napalm, has a lot to say about love, loss, and the state of the world. Put more simply, Billie Reid is a poet and he **** **** knows it!”

… the unfurling lyrical attack of Reid as he aims straight for the jugular, singing “they won’t let us live on the beaches, they won’t let us live in the trees, the bastards just lock us in stables, and sell one another the keys”. The lyrics appear to be born out of a particular brand of anti-capitalistic fervour aroused by the Occupy protests, with a call for an alternative beyond the current dire political outlook of partisan politics and limiting left/right perspectives.

Reid’s uncompromising spirit shines through the course of this album. This is a man whose footsteps aim to re-find the path set down by the luminaries of the independent music scene. While the machine-gun delivery of his words recalls the lyrical fire and brimstone of Bob Dylan, as well as the acerbic energy of Johnny Cash, the quick-fire musical vignettes that fill this LP bring to mind punk stalwarts the Wire. Resultantly, Billie Reid’s music is a volatile hybrid, combining the purebred folk compulsions of bluegrass and rockabilly, infused with Reid’s own punk-influenced approach to songwriting. This street walkin’ cheetah, with a heart full of napalm, has a lot to say about love, loss, and the state of the world. Put more simply, Billie Reid is a poet and he **** **** knows it!

* Nikola Tesla had a knack of being able to draw printed circuitry in his mind that worked, my forte is being able to totally rehabilitate this entire Planet, every last detail in my mind, all perfectly workable, TRULY Green, revivifying the deserts of the Planet as oasis after oasis producing more food than ten times the current population could use, more water than 100 times the current population could use, non-polluting power production, removal of current pollution and constructive recycling thereof, a Planet where your kids won’t be required to live in rabbit hutches. Billie Reid.

Billie Reid | ‘self, muso, poet, regenerationist extrordinaire, polymathic re-planetarizationist’

i began wandering around Australia, mostly on foot working farms, building sites, gold claims etc, from the south west through the gold fields and northern gold fields, out to the Kimberleys for walks through boab “forests”, into the northern territory (probably my favourite part of any good walk, that 1st glimpse each time of the rocks and “cliffs” before Victoria River as you 1st walk in from west oz) because you know Katherine ain’t “far”, all the while checking out the different facets of the Natural eco-system, how it’s changed since my last walk there in a different season etc, checking out the man-made catchments and dams stretching out around northern wa, etc, etc, et ***, cetera, my goal, to put all of this knowledge, hard won, into developing a plan to put PEOPLES in the “driving seat” of Australia again, which i proceeded to do, and to give y’all these perfectly workable ideas, designed to benefit y’all and your Kids and their Kids ad infinitum … njoi!billie

Billie Reid | Single Tachyon Extrapolation of Existence | Ode To The Dudes | Youtube

“the subconscious mind of Eternity” | “… this may be metaphorically considered as the consciousness of creation, the mind” | Billie Reid

“…. this is the lightspeed and below universe of our physical senses, the single-particle-theory tachyon soup created as the single tachyon intersects with itself in different places at the same time, and the same place at different times; this may be metaphorically considered as the consciousness of creation, the mind ….

Just as the cosmos in its physical sense is a totally inter-related manifestation of its component attributes of gravitational and electromagnetic coincidence, so the events/consciousness’s within that cosmos may be seen to be dependent on/connected to everything else that occurs within that same instant (i.e, synchronicity). Accepting this, and being that we can have no real concept of (or existence in) an instantaneous universe, we may extrapolate that for all our intents and purposes a combined continuity of time and space is a prerequisite of our conscious awareness of the reality that we appear to occupy and that therefore, all events throughout time and space are influenced by and influencing all other events within that continuum in a coherent and instantaneous manner regardless of temporal and/or spatial remoteness. This is the lightspeed and below universe of our physical senses, the single-particle-theory tachyon soup created as the single “tachyon” (4want’v betr word, i.e, instantaneous particle/wave “pixel/bit/packet” … no mass, no volume, “just” infinite velocity) intersects with itself in different places at the same time, and the same place at different times; this may be metaphorically considered as the consciousness of creation, the mind. The faster than light realm of the uninterrupted tachyon may be thought of as the subconscious mind of Eternity (as above, so below etc). We have the potential (in our role as an interface between rational/instinctive/emotional consciousness, between physical/spiritual, matter and energy) to challenge the apparent boundaries of our existence, to examine the walls of our cell for loose stones, to grab a can of spray paint and try to tag the invisible as it moves amongst us. Some try…. this is their Lounge … Welcome to the Dawn … “The game is afoot” … Eternity Beware, Oblivion is at hand. LOL.