“… or, choose “reverse entropy” and improve the lot of not only every australian, but feed other Peoples also” | Billie Reid.

→ * Warning!! Strong Language Disclaimer. Grown-ups, enjoy the insults. They are directed solely at those whom deserve them.


SHARING is the ONLY way forward for Humans | More Brain Power = Better Chance of Species Survival | Billie Reid

“the more active and well nourished Minds working at once on this Planet, the better the long-term survival chances of our Species is”


Billie Reid | “self, muso, poet, regenerationist extrordinaire, polymathic re-planetarizationist”

The Subconscious Mind of Eternity | “… this may be metaphorically considered as the consciousness of creation, the mind” | Billie Reid.


“I’ve always liked Einstein’s theories, they were quite valid, they lead to my own” Billie Reid.

“… #QuantumPhysics it’s simply “UG HAVE ROCK, UG BRAIN SURGEON” methodology. IT’S RIDICULOUS!! …”


“#earth is closer than usual to the #asteroid belt between #mars and #jupiter, and more precisely, closer to all the “stragglers” of the #AsteroidBelt that are sunward from the main orbit” #BillieReid

“Here are a few of the things that I have Learned About #Life. The Better You Are, the more Obstacles are thrown in your Path. Ignore them, they are merely the confusion tactics of the jealous …

“If music can be just like putting on a dress and each one has a different style, shape, colour and texture, then Lily is currently wearing a soft and flowing wine-coloured dress with a fitted bodice” Ara Jansen.

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  1. Midnight Alibis Billie Reid 3:06
  2. Silver Chains and Magic Eyes Quinlan Porteous 4:55
  3. Ariel Lily 3:40
  4. Ain't It A Shame Quinlan Porteous 4:38
  5. Acid Blue Quinlan Porteous 3:29
  6. My Heart Lily 3:36
  7. Dreaming About You Lily 5:54
  8. I Can Hear Your Heartbeat Quinlan Porteous 3:24
  9. My Love Lily 5:20
  10. Ode To The Dudes Quinlan Porteous 4:03
  11. Ode To The Dudes (That Own Their Own Nukes) Billie Reid 5:45
  12. I'm Acid Blue Quinlan Porteous 3:28
  13. In Dreams With You Wayne A. Halifax 4:28
  14. My Love Wayne A. Halifax 4:24
  15. Tomorrow Lily 3:38
  16. Honey Skin Billie Reid 1:19
  17. Ain't It A Shame Billie Reid 4:33
  18. Ode To The Dudes Billie Reid 1:26
  19. Ticket Out Of Dizneyland Billie Reid 1:32
  20. Hard Hard Woman Billie Reid 2:37