My Love | Alfredo Malabello

‘My Love’ was first introduced to Alfredo’s fans through his album ‘Ciao Bella’, released in 2010 by Universal Music Australia. The album peaked at Number 4 on the ‘Jazz and Blues’ chart in Australia, spending twenty-seven weeks in the Top Twenty.

“I was pleasantly surprised with the success of ‘Ciao Bella’, and I’m thrilled I’m able to connect with so many people.” Alfredo Malabello.

Commercially, it was the standout track on that album. This new 2021 release, is a polished remix of this very song.

“… I can’t get YOU off my MIND, every DAY and every NIGHT
Your there in the darkness baby, your there when I turn on the LIGHT
Do I really need to be with YOU?, or is it just a sex attraction?
Am I a FOOL, or do you feel it too?
I’m gonna start the action
I’m gonna make you throw away your doubts
Teach you satisfaction
And show you what my LOVE’S ALL ABOUT …”

‘My Love’ was written by polarising Australian poet Billie Reid; “… i can alwayz go 4 busk when so moved … WRITING implies WORD to most, and i was poet way b4 songz, MY WORDZ, I LIVED them, tune incidental to WORDZ … i write from heart when spirit moves me, i don’t “write”, more a medium than a basket-weaver if ya grok.”

“Like Billie Reid himself says; “I write from heart when spirit moves me” and this song has the feel of something that expressed itself fully-formed. Reid delivers a characteristically truthful lyric from a songbook that you just know gets written in during the wee small hours – emotional honesty is not a job for the 9-5 inclined, and part of the confession here is one we can all recognise … is this attraction the start of something special, or is it a sexual thing, and can’t that sexual thing be special? …. Alfredo is cursed by Universal Music Australia describing him as the country’s ‘Voice of Romance’. He’s more content, and rightly, with the tag ‘Australia’s Leonard Cohen’ …” Charlie Reynolds.