Slaves, Replacement Technology and the Neutron Bomb | Billie Reid

“… these days i’d replace the term “android” with “rebellion-proof clones” …”

I wrote ‘slaves’ (‘Slaves, Replacement Technology and the Neutron Bomb’) back when it seemed computer technology would leave cloning technology in the dust, it might be right, it might be healthy paranoia, either way i’d personally prefer to err on the side of, oh, NOT being nuked out of existence by a tribe of hydrocarbon-sniffing, xenophobic, troglodytes ….

…. you’ve given them clone-tech, and the neutron bomb, and dna-shears and even mapped the human genome for them enough that for half a decade+ now they’ve known which gene group to “trim” to remove “rebellious behaviour during adolescence” …. njoi!billie

in late ’80’z, computerz were “obvious” potential method for replacement of slavez, theze dayz, especially now that the ‘human genome (mapping) project’ … they had “successfully identified the gene group on the human dna that initializes rebellious behaviour in adolescence”, one would surmize much easier now to simply gene-shear relevant section out at first fertilization of egg stage pre 1st cell division occurring, then clone from resultant “rebellion gene free” Embryo, i.e, slavez that self replicate cheaply, and that not only won’t require trade unions, won’t even require wagez, or indeed anythang more than cot “down pit” for between shift rest before pressing their four button console when it’s their turn again ….

…. ain’t science grand, njoi your future, oh, wait, that’s right, you don’t have one, oh well, at least the clones won’t do nasty grafiti, and will be “good like little angels ought to be”. Billie Reid.