We’re an Australian based independent record label. Although formed in 2020, we’ve been working for 20+ years with our current roster, under the guise Ode To The Dudes.

Our label is primarily built around the music, poetry and rantings of the charismatic yet polarising alt-rock-poet-singer-songwriter Billie Reid and his prolific writings / creation’s, and includes releases from artists Alfredo Malabello, Fremantle enchantress Lily, the man with a dark past Quinlan Porteous, dubstep maestro Squid Eyes, and super cool crooner Wayne A. Halifax.

We’ve progressed from being primarily a single artist based indi label to a multi artist label. We started out focusing on the “alternative” genre … alt-rock alt-pop alt-country, but have now intertwined genre’s, primarily introducing music that’s contemporary.

Our primary focus is to release high-end musical product … buffed and polished with some intentional loose edges.

We have our “stable” and are focusing on their musical art. We release fresh products on a regular basis. We’ll be around!