Here we have it! Some forgotten masterpieces revisited and some fresh new sounds. You can file these songs somewhere between Leonard Cohen and The Go-Betweens. It’s music for the backbar where the heartbroken sit uneasily soaking up Billie Reid’s words and nursing their own grief and melancholic moods. But Billie is the antidote for their distress, for with a few simple words he gives voice to unspoken dreams, he rejoices in the passion of surrender whilst drinking from the poisoned chalice of love. Amen!

Here are his songs. Some have a fresh voice – “Australia’s Voice of Romance” Alfredo Malabello, Fremantle enchantress Lily, the silky smooth Wayne A Halifax and “The Man with a Dark Past” Quinlan Porteous – giving their interpretations. It really doesn’t matter who is singing because the songs are there to be sung and perhaps also to be listened to.